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Propane gas

Propane gas connection

The nomadiQ BBQ can be connected to a standard portable gas supply. A common propane fuel tank is Coleman’s or Bernzomatic 1lb. cylinder, which will last approx. 3 hours! This type of canister is lightweight, cheap and available at these hardware or outdoor stores.

6 thoughts on “Propane gas

  1. MARK HAGAN says:


    This bbq connect to caravan bbq gas bayonet outlet ?

  2. Derek davies says:

    Can it run on lpg or does it have to be disposable canisters.

  3. Cazz says:

    Can it be connected to full size gas bottles

    1. Lindsay Boladeras says:

      Cazz it is can you just need an adaptor.

  4. Shaelagh Mclaughlin says:

    Hi can this be gas by a caravan bbq gas bayonet outlet

    1. Lindsay Boladeras says:

      Hi Shaelagh, I know there are adaptors for the larger bottles. This product was designed around the 453G camping gas. A bayonet fitting I am not sure what is available.

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